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KPOPLeak offers a variety of innovative, creative, and customized marketing and advertising solutions to support your specific objectives and meet your needs. All orders or other requests for advertising, whether from an advertiser, or as applicable from an advertising agency or agent on the advertiser’s behalf, are governed by these standard terms and conditions.

KPOPLeak reserves the right not to publish any advertising at any time at its sole discretion. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute an agreement for continued publication. We will not be liable for failure to publish an ad as requested. In the event of an error or omission in printing or publication of an advertisement, KPOPLeak’s liability shall be limited to an adjustment for the cost of the space occupied by the error, with maximum liability being cancellation of the cost of the first incorrect advertisement or republication of the correct advertisement.

Except as otherwise specified by KPOPLeak, all order provisions regarding positioning of advertisements shall be treated as requests, which shall be fulfilled at KPOPLeak’s sole discretion. KPOPLeak may modify the look or require corresponding changes concerning advertisement placement. For more information about placing your classified ad, please contact us