FANTASY BOYS Unveils Exciting Debut Mini Album "New Tomorrow"
FANTASY BOYS Unveils Exciting Debut Mini Album "New Tomorrow"

FANTASY BOYS Unveils Exciting Debut Mini Album “New Tomorrow”

Get ready to groove as FANTASY BOYS, an electrifying 11-member multinational boy group under PocketDol Studio, is all set to make their grand entrance into the music world with their debut mini album, “New Tomorrow.” Mark your calendars for September 21, 2023, because that’s when the magic happens! “New Tomorrow” is not just the album’s title; it’s the pulsating title track that will leave fans craving for more. With their highly anticipated debut just around the corner, the excitement is off the charts! The physical album promises a visual feast for fans as it comes in four distinct versions: A, B, Platform, and Ever Music Album. Each version is set to showcase the group’s versatility and style, giving fans the opportunity to choose their favorite aesthetic.

FANTASY BOYS’ journey to stardom began through the MBC reality survival show “Fantasy Boys.” The show originally started with 12 talented contestants, but now, they’re ready to conquer the stage as an 11-member powerhouse. The boys’ dedication and hard work have brought them to this momentous debut, and they’re determined to make their mark in the K-pop industry. The group’s formation took place during the gripping finale of “Fantasy Boys,” which premiered on March 30, 2023. The live finale, aired on June 8, unveiled the final lineup of the group, leaving fans ecstatic. Yu Jun Won secured the top spot, followed by Kim Gyu Rae, and Hong Sung Min, with nine more talented members completing the lineup. In a surprising turn of events, Yu Jun Won made an unauthorized departure from the group, citing contract disputes between his parents and the agency. As a result, FANTASY BOYS regrouped as an 11-member ensemble, gearing up for their debut without him.

The countdown to their debut is officially underway, with PocketDol Studio announcing the highly anticipated debut date on August 24, 2023. On August 28, it was revealed that FANTASY BOYS will bless fans with their first mini album, “New Tomorrow,” on September 21, creating waves of excitement in the K-pop community. The world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of FANTASY BOYS, and with “New Tomorrow” on the horizon, their debut is sure to be an unforgettable moment in K-pop history. Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up to welcome this dynamic group into the spotlight!

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