XG to Release "New DNA" Mini Album on September 27, 2023
XG to Release "New DNA" Mini Album on September 27, 2023

XG to Release “New DNA” Mini Album on September 27, 2023

XG, the sensational seven-member girl group under XGALX, is set to redefine the K-pop scene with their upcoming mini album, “New DNA.” Anticipation is running high as XG prepares to unveil this exciting musical journey on September 27, 2023, with “Hesonoo” serving as the album’s title track. Earlier this year, the group treated fans to a taste of what’s to come with the pre-release singles “Grl Gvng,” “TGIF,” and “New Dance,” which dropped on June 30, August 4, and August 23, 2023, respectively. “A New Species of K-pop”: According to XGALX, “New DNA” boldly embodies the declaration of being a “new species” free from conventions and limitations. The album’s artwork, reminiscent of cell division, presents six entirely new songs that signify evolution. The album visually and audibly expresses XG’s “New DNA,” making it a compelling introductory piece that delves into the heart of their artistic journey.

XG made their dazzling debut on March 18, 2022, with the single album “Tippy Toes.” Their journey began five years prior in 2017, with intensive training until the end of 2021. XG’s hip-hop/R&B concept sets them apart, and they hold the distinction of being the first group to debut under the new global entertainment production XGALX, affiliated with Avex. The group’s mission is to empower young people worldwide with their fresh and inventive music and performances. A Timeline of XG’s Remarkable Journey: In 2022, XG burst onto the scene with a series of exciting announcements, starting with former DMTN member Simon’s plan to debut the girl group. The group’s official social media presence followed, and their impressive abilities were teased through music covers and dance performance videos.

On February 18, 2022, the official debut date of March 18 was revealed, and the group members were unveiled one by one. The highly anticipated debut took place on March 18 with the release of “Tippy Toes.” Fast forward to June 27, 2023, when XG’s official Twitter account teased the group’s plans for their first mini album. The excitement grew as they announced the pre-release single “Grl Gvng,” followed by the revelation of “New DNA” set for release on September 27. XG continued to build anticipation with the pre-release digital singles “TGIF” and “New Dance,” making their mark as a group to watch in the K-pop landscape. With their innovative music and captivating performances, XG is poised to make a lasting impact with “New DNA.” Fans worldwide can’t wait to see how this groundbreaking girl group will continue to evolve and leave their mark on the global music scene. Stay tuned for more updates on XG’s journey and their highly anticipated mini album release.

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