EL7Z UP Drops Debut Mini Album "7+Up" on September 14, 2023
EL7Z UP Drops Debut Mini Album "7+Up" on September 14, 2023

EL7Z UP Drops Debut Mini Album “7+Up” on September 14, 2023

The global project girl group, EL7Z UP, is set to make their grand debut on September 14, 2023, with their first mini album, “7+Up.” The group, formed through the captivating survival show Queendom Puzzle, has been the talk of the town since their announcement. “7+Up” promises to be a mini album that leaves a lasting impression, with “Cheeky” serving as the title track. Fans are already buzzing with excitement as they await the release of this highly-anticipated project. The physical album offers fans a variety of choices with four unique versions: Queen, Puzzle, and two PLVE versions (Queen and Puzzle). Each version is expected to hold its own charm and surprises for dedicated EL7Z UP enthusiasts. The journey to EL7Z UP’s debut has been nothing short of intriguing. It all began with the announcement of “Queendom Puzzle,” a spinoff version of the popular show, where already-debuted idols competed to form a project group. The teaser trailer hinted at 28 competitors and a final group of seven members.

EL7Z UP consists of seven talented members, each bringing their unique flavor to the group:
Kei (케이): Known as a former member of Lovelyz and a soloist
Yeeun (예은): A former CLC member turned soloist
Yeoreum (여름): As the leader, she brings her experience from WJSN and Yue Hua Entertainment to the group.
Yeonhee (연희): Known from Rocket Punch
Nana (나나): With woo!ah! in her resume.
Hwiseo (휘서): Representing H1-KEY and GLG
Yuki (유키): As the youngest member and maknae

During Episode 7 of the show, which aired on July 25, the group’s name was unveiled as EL7Z U+P. However, it was in a preview released on August 14 that the group decided to go with the name EL7Z UP, which has a fresh and exciting ring to it. The final lineup was unveiled during the finale episode on August 15, creating a wave of anticipation among fans. SNS accounts for the group were swiftly opened, solidifying their presence in the K-pop scene. Mnet made an official announcement on August 16, confirming EL7Z UP’s debut in September. Star News later reported that the debut date is set for September 14, which has now been officially confirmed. Although the group doesn’t have a fixed activity period, they have plans to release three albums in the near future. The countdown to EL7Z UP’s debut has begun, and fans worldwide can hardly contain their excitement. With “7+Up” just around the corner, it’s safe to say that this global project girl group is poised to make a significant impact in the K-pop industry. Stay tuned for their sensational debut on September 14, 2023!

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