EL7Z UP Confirms Mid-September Debut, Plans to Release 3 Albums
EL7Z UP Confirms Mid-September Debut, Plans to Release 3 Albums

EL7Z UP Confirms Mid-September Debut, Plans to Release 3 Albums

“Queendom Puzzle” project group EL7Z UP has confirmed their mid-September debut, as well as plans to release three albums. A representative for EL7Z UP told STARNEWS on August 31, “EL7Z UP is currently preparing with the goal of debuting in mid-September.” The group, which consists of the seven winners of Mnet’s survival show “Queendom Puzzle,” will be releasing their debut album in September. They also plan to release two more albums in the following months, for a total of three albums in their debut year. In addition to their album releases, EL7Z UP will also be promoting as a group in a variety of activities, including global tours and participation in the 2023 MAMA Awards. The group will be holding fan concerts in Japan following their debut. They will be performing in Saitama on October 22 and Osaka on October 24.EL7Z UP is a highly anticipated group, and their upcoming debut is sure to be a major event in the Kpop world. Fans can stay tuned for more updates on their activities.

Here are some other details about the group:
The members of EL7Z UP are:
Anya (former member of Ive)
Chaeyeon (former member of IZ*ONE)
Dayeon (former member of Kep1er)
Eunha (former member of GFriend)
Hikaru (former member of Kep1er)
Jiwon (former member of Rocket Punch)
Yurina (former member of NiziU)

The group’s debut album is said to be a “dance-pop” album with a “powerful and refreshing” sound. EL7Z UP is working with a team of experienced producers and choreographers to create their debut album.
The group is also working on their live performances, and they are said to be “practicing hard” to put on a great show for their fans. EL7Z UP is expected to be a major force in the Kpop industry, and their debut is sure to be a hot topic of conversation. The group’s name, EL7Z UP, is a combination of the words “seven” and “up.” It represents the group’s seven members and their determination to rise to the top of the Kpop industry. The group’s logo is a seven-pointed star, which represents the group’s unity and strength. The star is also a symbol of hope and ambition, which are qualities that EL7Z UP embodies. EL7Z UP is a group with a lot of potential. They have talented members, experienced staff, and a bright future ahead of them. Fans can expect great things from EL7Z UP when they debut in mid-September.

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