South Korea's Music Streaming Service Melon Announces Muted Streams Exclusion
South Korea's Music Streaming Service Melon Announces Muted Streams Exclusion

South Korea’s Music Streaming Service Melon Announces Muted Streams Exclusion

In a groundbreaking move that’s set to reshape the landscape of K-pop charting, Melon, South Korea’s largest music streaming service, has declared that muted streams will no longer find their place in its influential music charts. The announcement, made on August 25, has sent shockwaves through the industry, with fans, artists, and industry insiders speculating about the potential ramifications. Effective October 1 at midnight KST, Melon’s charts will undergo a transformation as the platform stops factoring in music streams with zero volume. This strategic alteration is anticipated to significantly recalibrate the ranking system, providing a more accurate representation of listeners’ genuine engagement with music. As a result, Melon’s Top 100, Hot 100, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts will all be influenced by this change.

The decision arrives hot on the heels of Circle Chart’s (formerly known as Gaon Chart) announcement on August 22, revealing its own intention to implement a parallel shift in strategy. By the close of the year, Circle Chart aims to completely eliminate muted streams from its dataset. With both of Korea’s leading music chart platforms aligning in their mission to enhance the accuracy of chart placements, the K-pop industry is poised for a transformative period. Melon’s ascent to become South Korea’s dominant music subscription service began with its inception in November 2004. Developed by SK Telecom and later overseen by LOEN Entertainment (now Kakao Entertainment), Melon’s influence has grown steadily. The merger of Kakao Music and Melon in 2017 solidified its status as the go-to music streaming platform. Boasting a staggering 28 million users, Melon has become an indispensable part of the Korean music landscape, capturing the hearts of listeners across the nation.

As the primary music streaming service in South Korea, Melon’s significance cannot be overstated. In a revealing insight into the nation’s tech habits, a smartphone user survey highlighted that Koreans overwhelmingly leaned on Melon, making it the most utilized application on their devices. Its functionalities, including music and music video streaming, alongside the creation of personalized ringtones, have kept users engaged and invested in the platform’s offerings. Accessible on both iOS and Android, Melon ensures a seamless experience for its diverse user base. Unraveling the acronym behind the platform’s name, “Melon” embodies the phrase “melody on,” a succinct encapsulation of its core objective: to deliver music in its most captivating and resonant form.

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