BLACKPINK Unveils Captivating OST Single "The Girls"
BLACKPINK Unveils Captivating OST Single "The Girls"

BLACKPINK Unveils Captivating OST Single “The Girls”

Renowned global sensation BLACKPINK continues to redefine boundaries and capture hearts with their groundbreaking music. Proudly presented by YG Entertainment, the world’s leading entertainment company, BLACKPINK has just released their highly anticipated original soundtrack (OST) single, “The Girls,” for their revolutionary game, BLACKPINK THE GAME. The track’s unprecedented fusion of talent, innovation, and linguistic charm showcases BLACKPINK’s exceptional artistry once again. Released on August 23, 2023, “The Girls” marks BLACKPINK’s first foray into OST creation, lending their unmistakable voices and unmatched energy to enrich the immersive experience of BLACKPINK THE GAME. Notably, this trailblazing single also stands as the group’s inaugural full-length English track that has not previously been featured as a B-side on any project.

“The Girls” encapsulates the genius collaborative efforts of celebrated songwriters and composers. The esteemed lineup includes Ryan Tedder, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, Rosé, Jennie, Melanie Fontana, Madison Love, and Danny Chung. The mesmerizing composition and arrangement, led by Ryan Tedder and Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, further amplify the song’s impact and resonance. Admirers of BLACKPINK have the opportunity to embrace “The Girls” through a physical release available in two distinct versions: the elegant “Black” version and the vibrant “Pink” version. Each rendition promises a visual and auditory journey that complements the group’s dynamic presence and musical innovation. Leading up to the official release of “The Girls” on August 23, fans were tantalized by the MV teaser unveiled on May 19.

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