SECRET NUMBER Unveils Enchanting Seventh Single Album, "Starlight"
SECRET NUMBER Unveils Enchanting Seventh Single Album, "Starlight"

SECRET NUMBER Unveils Enchanting Seventh Single Album, “Starlight”

The new journey continues as SECRET NUMBER, the six-member girl group under Vine Entertainment, enchants fans with their seventh single album, “Starlight,” illuminating the music scene like never before. Marking their return, “Starlight” is poised to capture hearts with its celestial melodies and captivating charm. Dazzling listeners since their remarkable debut, SECRET NUMBER has consistently pushed boundaries with their exceptional artistry. “Starlight,” the single album, was unveiled on August 24, 2023. The album’s title track, also titled “Starlight,” takes center stage, promising an auditory voyage through a realm of stardust and dreams.

The mesmerizing soundscape of “Starlight” owes its creation to the brilliant minds of the music industry. The album credits shine light on the talents that crafted this masterpiece. Renowned writer Yang Seong Won contributed to the allure of the album’s first track, while Jinny and Minji’s collaboration yielded the magic of the second track. The sonic landscape was painted by an assembly of gifted composers including mOnSteR nO.9, Maria Marcus, and Jessica Pierpoint for the first track, and AVENUE 52 along with Darren Ellis Smith for the second track. The arrangements were carefully orchestrated by mOnSteR nO.9, Darren Ellis Smith, and AVENUE 52.

SECRET NUMBER’s journey has been a constellation of milestones. Their inception, initially set for March 26, 2020, was delayed due to the unforeseen global challenges posed by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Undeterred, the group finally debuted with “Who Dis?” on May 19, 2020, followed by their resounding comeback with “Got That Boom” on November 4 of the same year. The group’s journey was marked by the unveiling of their fandom name, “LOCKEY,” symbolizing the fans’ pivotal role in unlocking the group’s hidden charms. The chapters that followed saw the introduction of new talents, Zuu and Minji, infusing fresh energy into the group’s dynamics.

SECRET NUMBER Unveils Enchanting Seventh Single Album, "Starlight"
SECRET NUMBER Starlight D-Day Poster

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