ONEWE Unveils Second Special Album "XOXO"
ONEWE Unveils Second Special Album "XOXO"

ONEWE Unveils Second Special Album “XOXO”

ONEWE, the sensational five-member boy band under RBW, is set to captivate the music scene once again with their upcoming second special album titled “XOXO.” The album is scheduled for release on August 29, 2023, and is already generating immense excitement within the global K-pop community. The upcoming album, “XOXO,” promises to be a musical journey that showcases ONEWE’s exceptional artistry and growth. The track list includes:
“Salty Boy” (Dong Myeong & Giuk)
“Omnipresent (동서님복)” (Harin & Giuk)
“Salty Boy (Inst.)”
“Omnipresent (동서님복) (Inst.)”

Having embarked on their journey under the name M.A.S 0094, ONEWE first caught the world’s attention with their debut digital single “Butterfly Find a Flower” on August 13, 2015. Their official debut took place on August 2, 2016, when they graced the stage of SBS MTV’s The Show. In April 2017, a pivotal moment arrived as the band inked an exclusive contract with RBW and embraced the name MAS, marking a new chapter in their evolution. The year 2018 witnessed another transformation, leading to their current moniker, ONEWE. They once again made their mark with the digital single “1/4,” officially re-debuting on May 13, 2019.

The band has been making waves beyond their group activities. On January 28, ONEWE treated fans to their first full English album, “Gravity.” The album’s title track, “Gravity,” composed by Yong Hoon and Kang Hyun, resonated deeply with listeners. Furthermore, the year saw a significant announcement from Giuk, who revealed his decision to adopt his birth name for all official activities, both as a soloist and within ONEWE. This decision was followed by Giuk’s remarkable solo debut with his mini album “Psycho Xybernetics : Turn Over,” a release that showcased his individual artistry.

As the band’s journey continues, their milestones keep piling up. For their anniversary on May 13, they presented fans with the reality series “ONEWE 4th Anniversary Trip,” offering an intimate glimpse into their lives. Additionally, Dong Myeong stepped into the world of musical theater, marking his debut as a musical actor in “Dream High.” With the fervor of anticipation reaching its peak, ONEWE revealed their latest endeavor, the second special album “XOXO,” which is slated to drop on August 29. This release is poised to capture the essence of ONEWE’s evolution and innovation, delivering a mesmerizing experience that will leave an indelible mark on the K-pop landscape.

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