THE BOYZ Achieves Remarkable Milestone with First Music Show Win for "LIP GLOSS"!
THE BOYZ Achieves Remarkable Milestone with First Music Show Win for "LIP GLOSS"!

THE BOYZ Achieves Remarkable Milestone with First Music Show Win for “LIP GLOSS”!

In a momentous turn of events, sensational 11-member boy group THE BOYZ has achieved an exhilarating milestone by securing their very first music show trophy for their electrifying track “LIP GLOSS”! The victory unfolded during the riveting August 18 episode of “Music Bank,” where the fierce competition pitted NewJeans’ “Super Shy” against THE BOYZ’s irresistible anthem “LIP GLOSS.” With an astounding 7,306 points, THE BOYZ triumphantly outshone their competition, leaving “Super Shy” trailing with 5,732 points. Having made their debut under IST Entertainment on December 6, 2017, THE BOYZ quickly solidified their position in the global K-pop scene, garnering dedicated fans worldwide. The group’s journey, which originally began with 12 members, has evolved into an extraordinary odyssey of musical excellence and innovation.

The monumental win comes as part of their latest achievement-filled chapter – [Phantasy] Pt.1 Christmas In August, the first installment of THE BOYZ’s highly anticipated second full-length album. This sensational album, launched on August 7, 2023, showcases the awe-inspiring track “Lip Gloss” as its electrifying title. Fans and music enthusiasts alike have been captivated by the song’s infectious melodies, mesmerizing choreography, and irresistible energy. Within hours of its release, [Phantasy] Pt.1 Christmas In August dominated international charts, soaring to the coveted #1 spot on the iTunes Top Albums charts in not one, but nine regions. This extraordinary achievement further highlights THE BOYZ’s global influence and undying popularity.

Diving into the physical manifestation of [Phantasy] Pt.1 Christmas In August, fans are treated to a diverse array of 17 distinct album versions. These include the enchanting Holiday, shimmering Glitter, and heartwarming Present versions, each tailored to resonate with the unique essence of THE BOYZ. Furthermore, fans can revel in eleven member-specific DVD versions, a testament to the group’s deep appreciation for their dedicated supporters. As the legacy of THE BOYZ continues to evolve, “LIP GLOSS” stands as a testament to their unceasing commitment to pushing boundaries, setting trends, and delivering music that resonates deeply with audiences of all ages. The group’s journey, rife with passion and perseverance, has only just begun, and their resounding victory on “Music Bank” marks an unforgettable moment in their illustrious career.

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