Queendom Puzzle Project Group EL7Z UP Set to Debut in September
Queendom Puzzle Project Group EL7Z UP Set to Debut in September

Queendom Puzzle Project Group EL7Z UP Set to Debut in September

LM Entertainment proudly announces the highly anticipated debut of the sensational new K-Pop girl group, EL7Z UP (엘즈업). Formed through the reality survival show Queendom Puzzle, this seven-member global project group is poised to take the music industry by storm. The group is all set to make their official debut in September 2023. Queendom Puzzle, the reality survival show aired on Mnet from June 13 to August 15, 2023, captured the hearts of K-Pop enthusiasts worldwide. With the goal of crafting a powerful seven-member project girl group, this spin-off of the popular Mnet reality series Queendom and Queendom 2, brought together already-debuted idols to compete for their spot in the limelight.

The journey of EL7Z UP began on April 10, 2023, when Mnet unveiled the teaser trailer for Queendom Puzzle, hinting at a fierce competition among 28 skilled contenders. A cypher in the trailer left fans buzzing with excitement, foreshadowing the emergence of a seven-member powerhouse. The show’s gripping episodes unfolded week after week, leading up to the unforgettable moment when the group’s name was revealed – EL7Z U+P. However, a thrilling twist took place on August 14, when the group unveiled their final name as EL7Z UP, sending waves of anticipation and curiosity across the K-Pop community.

The reveal of the EL7Z UP members marked a monumental moment for fans worldwide:

  • Kei (케이): Renowned Soloist from Lovelyz, represented by A2Z Entertainment.
  • Yeeun (예은): Former CLC member turned Soloist, now under Superbell Company.
  • Yeoreum (여름): Notable member of WJSN, under the management of Starship Entertainment/Yue Hua Entertainment.
  • Yeonhee (연희): Distinguished member of Rocket Punch, under the banner of Woollim Entertainment.
  • Nana (나나): Talented member of woo!ah!, nurtured by NV Entertainment.
  • Hwiseo (휘서): A promising artist from H1-KEY, managed by GLG.
  • Yuki (유키): Vibrant talent of PURPLE KISS, proudly represented by RBW.

The journey has only just begun for EL7Z UP, as they prepare to embark on a global tour that will undoubtedly leave fans enchanted. Their journey kicks off with a fan concert in Japan, with performances in Saitama on October 22 and Osaka on October 24. Furthermore, the group has already secured a remarkable spot at the prestigious 2023 MAMA Awards, solidifying their presence on the grand stage of the K-Pop universe. Stay tuned for more updates, mesmerizing music, and enchanting performances from EL7Z UP as they redefine the K-Pop landscape with their unique charm, exceptional talent, and boundless potential.

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