X:in Unveils Exciting Details About Upcoming Mini Album "Synchronicity" and Lineup Changes
X:in Unveils Exciting Details About Upcoming Mini Album "Synchronicity" and Lineup Changes

X:in Unveils Exciting Details About Upcoming Mini Album “Synchronicity” and Lineup Changes

In an exhilarating turn of events, X:in, the multinational girl group under Escrow Entertainment, is set to make a triumphant return with their first mini album, “Synchronicity.” The highly anticipated album is scheduled for release on August 30, 2023, and fans are already buzzing with excitement. “Close My Eyes,” a captivating track that promises to be the album’s centerpiece, has been chosen as the title track. The group’s diverse talents are on full display with this song, showcasing their musical growth and evolution. Alongside this, the album boasts a vibrant tracklist, including songs like “Synchronize,” “Cat&Tiger,” and an English version of “Close My Eyes.”

This release marks a significant milestone for X:in, as it’s their first project without members Roa and Chi.u. However, fans need not worry, as the group is embracing change and welcoming new additions to the family. Nizz and Hannah are the fresh faces set to grace the stage alongside existing members E.sha, Nova, and Aria. X:in’s journey leading up to “Synchronicity” has been filled with twists and turns. The initial lineup reveal introduced Roa as the inaugural member on March 4, followed by E.sha on March 5, and Chi.u on March 6. The group’s unique identity was further solidified with the inclusion of Nova and Aria, confirmed as members after their appearance in the line-up reveal video of the 44th K-Stage Yes or No concert.

X:in - Synchronicity
X:in – Synchronicity

E.sha, Nova, and Aria share a common pre-debut background as members of MEP-C. E.sha’s past ventures include girl groups LAONZENA, G-(i)Kon, and Rusty.G, while Nova stands as a distinguished member of the Russian dance cover crew Dalcom. The departure of Chi.u and Roa was followed by Chi.u’s solo debut and Roa’s soloist debut as well as her previous involvement with the disbanded group DAILY. Amidst all the changes, X:in is ready to create new milestones. Their debut digital single “Keeping the Fire” dropped on April 11, 2023, marking their official entrance into the music scene. The group also took a heartwarming step by naming their devoted fanbase “READY,” emphasizing the essential connection between the fans and the group’s journey.

The road to “Synchronicity” hasn’t been without challenges, as both Chi.u and Roa bid farewell to the group for personal reasons. However, X:in embraced change and introduced Nizz and Hannah as the newest members, heralding a fresh start and a renewed energy. With the upcoming release of “Synchronicity,” X:in is set to captivate fans once again with their musical prowess, undeniable talent, and the camaraderie that defines their unique bond. As the countdown to August 30 begins, fans eagerly await the next chapter in X:in’s journey, confident that the group’s unity and dynamism will shine through in every note of their latest masterpiece.

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