Secret Number
Secret Number

Secret Number Announces Comeback with New Single in August

K-pop Girl Group Secret Number is set to make a triumphant return to the music scene this August, much to the delight of their fervent fan base. The announcement comes following a spotlight from Sports Chosun, confirming that the group will unveil a highly anticipated new single on the 24th of this month, marking the beginning of their exciting comeback journey. The upcoming release holds significant weight as it marks Secret Number’s comeback after a hiatus of about three months since their 6th single, ‘Viper,’ dropped in May. With their trademark swift turnaround, the members are gearing up to showcase their exceptional musicality and captivating performances, leaving fans and industry insiders alike in eager anticipation.

As the group gears up for their late summer return, speculations are rife that their musical style might just be the perfect antidote to the scorching heatwave that’s been gripping the nation. Reports suggest that the members are diligently focused on perfecting their final single, adding to the excitement and intrigue surrounding their comeback. Having initially burst onto the scene in May 2020, Secret Number has consistently delivered fresh and innovative concepts with each release, leaving fans astounded by their versatility. From the unforgettable ‘Who Dis?’ to the explosive ‘God That Boom,’ and the alluring ‘Burn,’ ‘Doom Cheetah,’ and ‘Tap,’ the group has been on a mission to redefine the boundaries of K-pop. Their magnetic charm hasn’t gone unnoticed beyond Korea’s borders; Secret Number has enjoyed an outpouring of love from international fans, cementing their status as true “global concept idols.”

The group’s meteoric rise is not confined to the global stage alone. Their previous works, notably ‘Doom Cheetah’ and ‘Tap,’ soared to the top of domestic real-time music charts, underscoring their growing influence at home. Their achievements were celebrated at the ‘2022 K Global Heart Dream Awards,’ where they proudly walked away with the K Global Next Leader Award, a testament to their unyielding dedication and remarkable progress. Industry insiders are confident that their new single will further solidify their upward trajectory and demonstrate their unwavering growth. As the countdown to their August 24th comeback continues, Secret Number fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the group’s musical journey. With their unique blend of innovation, passion, and sheer talent, the stage is set for Secret Number to captivate the world once more.

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