“Queendom Puzzle” Eliminates 7 Contestants + Announces Current Top 7 After Semifinals
“Queendom Puzzle” Eliminates 7 Contestants + Announces Current Top 7 After Semifinals

“Queendom Puzzle” Eliminates 7 Contestants + Announces Current Top 7 After Semifinals

In a thrilling episode of Mnet’s “Queendom Puzzle,” the stage was set for the ultimate battle as the show inches closer to crowning its victorious seven members. As a captivating spin-off of the renowned survival series “Queendom,” “Queendom Puzzle” continues to captivate audiences with its intense competition. Idols, including members from currently active girl groups, are vying for coveted spots in a fresh seven-member project girl group. The illustrious Girls’ Generation leader, Taeyeon, renowned for hosting the second season of “Queendom,” brings her charm as the show’s MC. On August 8, the semifinal round unfolded in a live spectacle, allowing viewers to participate in real-time voting for their preferred teams. Contestants were grouped into three teams, each delivering stellar performances of brand-new tracks: “PUZZLIN’,” a composition by DAY6’s Young K; “i DGA,” crafted by iKON’s Bobby; and “I Do,” created by the acclaimed producer Ryan Jhun.

Following eliminations from the previous weeks, the “i DGA” team sought one final member to complete their lineup of seven, while the “I Do” team faced the challenge of parting ways with one member. The “i DGA” team emerged triumphant, each member receiving an impressive 30,000 points added to their individual voting scores for the impending eliminations. The exciting revelation of a project group name, EL7Z U+P (pronounced “Ellz Up”), marked a new beginning. Taeyeon confirmed that the members of this project group could continue promoting with their original groups or as solo artists, in conjunction with their endeavors as part of EL7Z U+P.

Taeyeon electrified the stage by unveiling the top 7 contestants, their ranks determined by global votes and rewards earned through the show’s missions. This diverse lineup, presented randomly, consisted of:

woo!ah!’s Nana
H1-KEY’s Hwiseo
Lovelyz’s Kei
WJSN’s Yeoreum
CLC’s Yeeun
Rocket Punch’s Yeonhee
Tides Shift for the Grand Finale:

In a surprising twist, today’s semifinal rankings hold no sway over the ultimate outcome, as votes were reset after the episode’s conclusion. The anticipation for the live finale on August 15 is palpable, promising the revelation of the seven final members of EL7Z U+P. The grand finale will also feature a mesmerizing group performance uniting all 26 contestants from this exhilarating journey.

Bittersweet Goodbyes:

As the curtains drew on today’s ceremony, seven contestants bid farewell to the stage:

H1-KEY’s Riina
Shiroma Miru
Weeekly’s Lee Soojin
Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon
Weeekly’s Zoa
Cherry Bullet’s Bora
The culmination of talent and determination nears its climax, promising an unforgettable finale for “Queendom Puzzle.” The stage is set for dreams to be realized and new stars to shine on August 15!

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