Fast_Forward (Game Plan) by Jeon Somi
Fast_Forward (Game Plan) by Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi’s Agency THEBLACKLABEL Issues Apology Amid Plagiarism Controversy

Jeon Somi’s agency, THEBLACKLABEL, has issued a formal apology in the wake of a plagiarism controversy surrounding a scene in her latest music video. The controversy erupted shortly after the release of her highly anticipated mini album “GAME PLAN” on August 7. The title track of the album, “Fast Forward,” garnered significant attention due to its captivating visuals. However, keen-eyed fans soon noticed an animated character that bore a striking resemblance to a creation from the renowned manga artist Rumiko Takahashi’s “Urusei Yatsura” series. Allegations quickly spread that this scene had been traced and directly copied from Takahashi’s work.

THEBLACKLABEL swiftly responded to the allegations, acknowledging the similarity and expressing regret for the oversight. In their official statement, they explained that the scene in question was unintentionally inspired by Takahashi’s iconic creation and that there was no intention to plagiarize. The agency also announced that the contentious scene has been removed from the music video, and revised versions have been uploaded to all official platforms. Jeon Somi’s “GAME PLAN” marks her return to the music scene with her first EP. The album release was accompanied by a dual concept, with physical copies available in two versions: Red Version and Black Version. The anticipation for Somi’s comeback had been building since June 2, 2023, when THEBLACKLABEL revealed to Star News that she was in the midst of preparations.

Subsequent reports on July 18 confirmed her imminent comeback in August, a fact later verified by THEBLACKLABEL themselves. The agency officially unveiled that Jeon Somi’s EP, titled “Game Plan,” would be released on August 7. The album’s title track, “Fast Forward,” served as a fitting introduction to her new musical direction. As fans digest the agency’s apology and the actions taken to rectify the situation, Jeon Somi’s return to the spotlight continues to generate discussion within the K-pop community. With her undeniable talent and THEBLACKLABEL’s proactive response, the hope remains that Somi’s artistry will be the center of attention, overshadowing the unfortunate controversy that briefly clouded her comeback.

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