RIIZE Makes Anticipated Debut with "Get A Guitar" Single Album on September 4
RIIZE Makes Anticipated Debut with "Get A Guitar" Single Album on September 4

RIIZE Makes Anticipated Debut with “Get A Guitar” Single Album on September 4

The K-pop scene is about to witness the arrival of a new powerhouse as SM Entertainment’s upcoming seven-member boy group, RIIZE, gears up for their highly anticipated debut with their first single album titled “Get A Guitar.” The group has been creating buzz since their trainee days, and fans are now eagerly awaiting their official debut on September 4. The single album, “Get A Guitar,” will feature the title track of the same name, which promises to captivate listeners with its unique sound and emotional resonance. To give fans a taste of what’s to come, RIIZE will be pre-releasing a track titled “Memories” on August 21, 2023, building up excitement for their debut.

RIIZE’s debut marks the culmination of a journey that began on July 2, 2022, when Eunseok and Seunghan were introduced as the newest members of SM Entertainment’s trainee team, SMROOKIES. The group’s formation was further hinted at when leaked documents in September 2022 revealed an unnamed “new boy group” listed for debut, sparking curiosity among fans. The members of RIIZE, known for their individuality, talent, and visuals, represent a dynamic mix of Korean and American nationalities. The group’s name itself, “RIIZE,” is a fusion of “RISE,” symbolizing growth, and “REALIZE,” representing a team that grows together to achieve their dreams.

On July 31, 2023, SM Entertainment officially announced the group’s name and concept, shedding light on their unique genre called “Emotional Pop.” This genre aims to convey the diverse emotions of the members through their music, connecting with listeners on a deeper level. August 1 marked a significant milestone for RIIZE and their eager fans, as the group’s official Instagram account was launched. The profiles of already known members, Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, and Seunghan, were revealed, along with Lee Chanyoung, who goes by the stage name Anton.

Additionally, the lineup was completed with the introduction of two new members, Wonbin and Sohee. SM Entertainment also shared that each member boasts outstanding musical abilities, spanning vocals, performances, musical instruments, compositions, and striking visuals. As RIIZE prepares for their debut on September 4, the K-pop world awaits the unveiling of their first single album, “Get A Guitar.” With their distinct musical style and individual talents, RIIZE is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry, carving out a unique space for themselves in the hearts of fans worldwide. Stay tuned for their exciting journey of growth and realization.

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