DKB Unveils Repackaged Mini Album "We Love You" Following "I Need Love"
DKB Unveils Repackaged Mini Album "We Love You" Following "I Need Love"

DKB Unveils Repackaged Mini Album “We Love You” Following “I Need Love”

The talented nine-member boy group, DKB, is set to captivate fans once again with their upcoming repackage album titled “We Love You.” This release comes hot on the heels of their sixth mini album “I Need Love,” which showcased their musical prowess and versatility. Originating from Brave Entertainment, DKB – an abbreviation for “Dark Brown Eyes” – has steadily solidified their presence in the K-pop scene. Their upcoming repackage album is scheduled for release on August 14, 2023, adding to the excitement of their dedicated fanbase. The repackage album “We Love You” features two remarkable title tracks: “말했잖아” and “All Yours.” These songs are expected to continue the group’s tradition of delivering diverse sounds and captivating performances.

DKB’s journey in the industry has been marked by impressive milestones. The group debuted with their mini album “Youth” on February 3, 2020, introducing themselves to the world with the powerful track “Sorry Mama.” Since then, they’ve showcased their growth and creativity through various releases. Their first studio album, “The Dice is Cast,” dropped on March 30, 2021, demonstrating their maturity and artistry. DKB’s participation in the 2021 Dream Concert and subsequent releases like “Rollercoaster,” “Rebel,” and “Autumn” further cemented their status as a group to watch out for.

In 2023, DKB’s accomplishments continue to shine brightly. Their involvement in JTBC’s Peak Time, marked by a charismatic performance of “The Real,” showcased their evolving stage presence. The announcement of their second Japanese mini album, “Rebel,” and their participation in various competitive shows demonstrates their unwavering determination. As anticipation builds, DKB enthusiasts can look forward to the repackage album “We Love You,” a celebration of the group’s dedication and musical evolution. The members have consistently proven their ability to connect with fans through their dynamic performances and diverse discography. With “We Love You” on the horizon, DKB enthusiasts are in for another round of exceptional music and performances from this talented boy group.

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