Bz-Boys Unveil Exciting Details for Upcoming Mini Album "무법자"
Bz-Boys Unveil Exciting Details for Upcoming Mini Album "무법자"

Bz-Boys Unveil Exciting Details for Upcoming Mini Album “무법자”

Seoul, August 8, 2023 – K-pop enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of the highly anticipated mini album “무법자” (translating to “Outlaw”) by the sensational boy group Bz-Boys. This five-member group, also known by their Hangul name 청공소년, is all set to make a grand return on the music scene with their latest musical endeavor. Bz-Boys, hailing under the management of Chrome Entertainment, have captured hearts since their debut on June 17, 2019, with the digital single “Question.” The group has since continued to shine with their unique sound and captivating performances, steadily building a dedicated fanbase. In an exciting development for the group, Bz-Boys introduced a new member on September 29, 2020, which had fans buzzing with speculation. The mystery member was finally revealed to be Hamin on October 29, marking the group’s 500th day anniversary. Hamin’s journey with the group has been a source of excitement and curiosity for fans, and on May 10, 2021, it was officially confirmed that Hamin had taken his place as the group’s fifth member, solidifying the lineup that fans have come to adore.

Bz-Boys Members at a Glance:
Bon (본): As the Main Vocalist and Leader, Bon has been an integral part of Bz-Boys since their inception in 2019. His powerful vocals and charismatic presence have contributed to the group’s identity.
Hamin (하민): After much anticipation and a carefully orchestrated introduction, Hamin became a significant member of Bz-Boys on October 29, 2020. His talents and charms have undoubtedly enriched the group’s dynamics.
Double.D (더블디): Renowned for his exceptional rap skills, Double.D has been a consistent member since the group’s debut. His lyrical prowess adds depth to Bz-Boys’ music.
Seung Hyun (승현): Seung Hyun, the Sub-Vocalist and Maknae (youngest member), has been a vital part of Bz-Boys’ harmonious sound and youthful energy.
Unfortunately, Tae Woong (태웅), a former MMO Entertainment trainee and a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, is currently listed as inactive. Fans fondly remember his contributions during his active years.

Bz-Boys’ journey has been marked by their commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting music that resonates with their audience. With the upcoming release of their mini album “무법자” on August 14, 2023, fans can expect another musical masterpiece that showcases their growth and artistry. As the K-pop community eagerly awaits the release, Bz-Boys’ comeback promises to captivate listeners and solidify their position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. For more updates and news on Bz-Boys and their upcoming mini album “무법자,” stay tuned to their official channels and social media platforms.

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