TIOT Unveils Their Pre-Debut Album "Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities"
TIOT Unveils Their Pre-Debut Album "Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities"

TIOT Unveils Their Pre-Debut Album “Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities”

Excitement is reaching its peak in the K-pop world as Redstart ENM’s highly anticipated boy group, TIOT, prepares to make their debut. Ahead of their official entrance into the industry, the talented quintet is set to release their pre-debut album titled “Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities” on August 28, 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the group’s debut, and with the pre-release single “百戰無敗 (백전무패)” dropping on August 23, the anticipation is only growing stronger. Let’s delve into the pre-debut journey of TIOT and their promising blueprint for success. TIOT, an acronym for TIME IS OUR TURN, is an upcoming boy group managed by Redstart ENM. The group garnered attention from K-pop enthusiasts after the announcement on April 26, 2023, that Kim Min Seoung, Kum Jun Hyeon, Hong Keon Hee, and Choi Woo Jin, all of whom had participated as contestants on Boys Planet, would be forming their own boy group. Redstart ENM went a step further to demonstrate their commitment to the group’s success by arranging the first fanmeeting for the newly formed quartet, titled “REDSTART BOYS 1st Fanmeeting: This Time is Our Turn,” in both Korea and Japan. The fanmeeting was a remarkable moment for the members and their fans alike, setting the stage for the group’s future endeavors as TIOT.

On June 11, Redstart ENM confirmed that TIOT, then known as REDSTART BOYS, would be releasing a special remake of Click-B’s 2001 hit song “Undefeatable” as a prelude to their upcoming debut. This musical endeavor was met with great excitement and expectations from fans, as the group showcased their vocal prowess and captivating performances in their unique rendition of the nostalgic classic. As the group’s debut date approached, the members underwent a significant rebranding. On August 1, it was announced that REDSTART BOYS would now be known as TIOT, signifying a fresh start and new possibilities for the talented group. The rebranding comes hand in hand with the revelation of their pre-debut album, “Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities,” set to release on August 28, 2023. This milestone marks a crucial phase in their journey as TIOT, preparing the stage for their future musical endeavors and potential in the K-pop industry. Furthermore, a pre-debut single titled “百戰無敗 (백전무패)” is set to be unveiled on August 23, serving as an early glimpse of the group’s musical direction and style.

TIOT comprises four talented members, each bringing their unique talents and experiences to the group. Here’s an introduction to the members of TIOT:
Kim Min Seoung (김민성) – With a yet-to-be-announced position, Kim Min Seoung gained prior exposure as a former contestant on LOUD, showcasing his vocal skills and stage presence.
Kum Jun Hyeon (금준현) – Also awaiting his position announcement, Kum Jun Hyeon was formerly associated with the boy group Ciipher, displaying his versatility as a performer.
Hong Keon Hee (홍건희) – Hong Keon Hee’s position remains undisclosed, but his notable appearance on Boys Planet demonstrated his potential as an all-around entertainer.
Choi Woo Jin (최우진) – As the maknae (youngest member) of the group, Choi Woo Jin is set to bring youthful energy and charm to TIOT. Fans might recognize him as a former trainee under Big Hit Entertainment, indicating his prior experience in the industry.

As TIOT sets out to frame their blueprint for success with the release of their pre-debut album “Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities” and the pre-release single “百戰無敗 (백전무패),” fans and K-pop enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating their official debut. With their talent, unique backgrounds, and shared experiences on Boys Planet, the group holds the promise of making a strong impact on the K-pop scene. As August 28 approaches, TIOT’s journey towards stardom is set to take a significant step forward, and fans worldwide are ready to support them wholeheartedly on their path to greatness.

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