n.SSign's Stellar Debut Mini Album "Birth Of Cosmo"
n.SSign's Stellar Debut Mini Album "Birth Of Cosmo"

n.SSign’s Stellar Debut Mini Album “Birth Of Cosmo”

The K-pop scene is about to witness the dazzling birth of a new star as n.SSign, the 10-member boy group under n.CH Entertainment, is set to make their debut with their highly anticipated mini-album, “Birth Of Cosmo” on August 9, 2023. The debut is marked by the release of the captivating title track, “Wormhole,” which is sure to propel these talented young artists into the limelight. n.SSign’s journey to fame began on May 19, 2022, with the premiere episode of the reality survival show, “Stars Awakening,” jointly broadcasted on Channel A and ABEMA. Over several episodes, viewers were captivated by the fierce competition and the growth of the contestants. Finally, on the show’s finale, which aired on August 4, the boys of the idol category emerged victorious against the singer-songwriter category. Thus, n.SSign was born, comprising the seven finalists who successfully secured their spots in the group.

Shortly after their formation, n.SSign took to social media on September 2, 2022, to connect with their fans, revealing their SNS accounts and creating a wave of excitement among K-pop enthusiasts. In the months leading up to their official debut, the group teased fans with the release of a pre-debut mini-album titled “Salty.” The music video for the title track, “Salty,” was unveiled on February 19, 2023, followed by the album release on April 18, 2023. The pre-debut journey continued with the announcement of a mini-album repackage, “Monologue,” set to release on May 27, building even more anticipation for their upcoming debut. On July 1, an exciting announcement from n.CH Entertainment shook the K-pop community, revealing that n.SSign would undergo a reorganization to become a permanent boy group. Alongside the current members, three new faces would join the lineup, making n.SSign a 10-member powerhouse.

The news of their debut was formally delivered through a captivating teaser released on July 3. Fans were thrilled to learn that n.SSign’s debut mini-album, “Birth Of Cosmo,” was set to hit the shelves on August 9, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the group. The mini-album “Birth Of Cosmo” offers a diverse range of tracks, showcasing the group’s versatility and talent. The album features five songs, including the pre-released track “Higher,” which was unveiled on July 31, 2023, creating a buzz among fans worldwide. “Wormhole” serves as the album’s title track, and with its unique and captivating sound, it is expected to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Other tracks like “Spice,” “Melody,” and “Home” promise to showcase n.SSign’s skills and further solidify their place in the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts. To make the debut even more special, the physical album will be available in three distinct versions: “Wormhole,” “Feast of Light,” and “For Cosmo.” Each version is adorned with exclusive concept images, making the physical albums collector’s items for fans.

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