Cignature Announces Exciting Summer Comeback with "Us in the Summer" EP!
Cignature Announces Exciting Summer Comeback with "Us in the Summer" EP!

Cignature Announces Exciting Summer Comeback with “Us in the Summer” EP!

K-pop enthusiasts and fans of cignature (시그니처) are eagerly anticipating the release of the girl group’s fourth EP, “Us in the Summer” (그해 여름의 우리). After a series of lineup changes, challenges, and triumphs, cignature is ready to showcase their growth and resilience in the K-pop industry once again. cignature, a seven-member girl group, is under the management of J9 Entertainment, a subsidiary of C9 Entertainment. The journey of cignature began on January 14, with the official announcement of their group name and new logo by C9 Entertainment. Later on the same day, the creation of J9 Entertainment was revealed, signifying a fresh start for cignature as they embarked on their journey under this new label.

The group’s debut was marked by the lead single “Nun Nu Nan Na,” and its official music video was released on February 3. Their debut showcase, “Cignature Move,” held on the same day, marked the beginning of their musical endeavors. Despite facing challenges, cignature’s talent and hard work were evident as they continued to captivate fans with their unique style and performances. In their initial stages, cignature experienced some lineup changes. On April 27, 2021, it was announced that members Ye Ah and Sunn had left the group, leaving cignature as a five-member group. However, they quickly rebounded from this setback, revealing Chloe and Do Hee as the two new members on June 14, showing their determination to keep moving forward.

As their journey continued, so did their bond with their fans. On February 4, 2021, during their 1st-anniversary V Live, cignature announced their fandom name, “ciluv” (시럽). However, a day later, member Ye Ah hinted at a potential change in the fandom name. Eventually, the new fandom name, “SIGNFAN,” was announced on July 28, 2021, solidifying the special connection between the group and their devoted supporters. cignature’s growth and success continued throughout 2022 with the release of their second EP, “Dear Diary Moment,” on November 30. The title track, “Boyfriend,” showcased their versatility and maturity as artists.

As anticipation grows for their upcoming EP, “Us in the Summer,” fans can’t wait to see the group’s evolution and the unique musical colors they will present this time. Throughout their journey, cignature has faced challenges and changes, but they have always emerged stronger, proving their dedication to their craft and their fans. “Us in the Summer” promises to be a reflection of their growth, experiences, and the bond they share with their supporters, making it a significant release for both the group and their devoted fans. As the date approaches, fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can immerse themselves in the captivating world of cignature once again, as they unveil their latest EP, “Us in the Summer.”

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