INFINITE Makes a Triumphant Comeback with 7th Mini Album "13egin"
INFINITE Makes a Triumphant Comeback with 7th Mini Album "13egin"

INFINITE Makes a Triumphant Comeback with 7th Mini Album “13egin”


INFINITE, the iconic South Korean boy group, has returned to the K-pop scene with a bang after a five-year hiatus as a full six-member group. Their highly anticipated seventh mini album, “13egin,” released on July 31, 2023, has already been making waves among fans and music enthusiasts alike. The album’s title track, “New Emotions,” is set to captivate listeners with its signature INFINITE sound and mesmerizing performances. INFINITE, originally a seven-member group, made their debut on June 9, 2010, under Woollim Entertainment. Throughout their career, they gained immense popularity both domestically and internationally, earning a reputation for their powerful vocals, impressive dance skills, and captivating stage presence. However, the group experienced some changes over the years. INFINITE’s return with “13egin” is nothing short of a triumph. With all six members back together, the group has proven that their bond is unbreakable, and their passion for music knows no bounds.

Track list
“Intro : 13” – 1:46
“New Emotions” – 2:44
“Time Difference (시차)” – 3:12
“I Got You” – 3:34
“Find Me” – 3:17
“New Emotions (Inst.)” – 2:44

13egin - INFINITE
13egin – INFINITE

In August 2019, L announced his departure from Woollim Entertainment but expressed his intention to continue with the group as needed, showing his unwavering dedication to INFINITE and their music. In 2021, Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, Sung Yeol, and Sung Jong also left Woollim but confirmed that they would remain members of the group and participate in future activities. Finally, on October 7, 2022, Woo Hyun was the last member to leave Woollim Entertainment but, like his fellow members, committed to staying with the group. Amidst the changes and departures, INFINITE’s leader, Sung Kyu, took the initiative and established INFINITE Company to steer the group towards new horizons. On May 6, 2023, INFINITE delighted fans by opening new official social media accounts, hinting at an upcoming celebration of their 13th debut anniversary with all six members.

The group’s fandom rejoiced as leader Sung Kyu successfully acquired the rights to the group’s name, fandom name, and concert titles from Woollim Entertainment, transferring them to the newly formed company without any conditions or fees. This move solidified the group’s foundation and showcased their unity as they stepped into a new chapter. On July 7, 2023, the excitement reached its peak as INFINITE released a teaser announcing their much-anticipated comeback on July 31. The seventh mini album, “13egin,” was unveiled through a comeback scheduler on July 9, heightening expectations for what was to come. “13egin” is available in three versions: Come, Back, and Platform, offering fans different experiences with each package. The album contains a diverse range of tracks, showcasing the group’s growth as artists while retaining the signature sound that has endeared them to fans over the years.

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