INFINITE Announces Comeback with Seventh Mini Album “13egin”

K-pop fans around the world are rejoicing as beloved boy group INFINITE prepares for their highly anticipated comeback. The group, known for their powerful performances and catchy music, will be releasing their seventh mini album titled “13egin” on July 31, 2023. This exciting news was announced on July 7, sparking excitement and anticipation among fans everywhere. INFINITE, originally a seven-member group under the management of Woollim Entertainment, made their debut on June 9, 2010, with their first mini album, “First Invasion.” Since then, they have captivated audiences with their talent and unique musical style. The group’s original lineup included Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. However, over the years, some members have departed from Woollim Entertainment, leading to a reconfiguration of the group.

Despite the changes, INFINITE has continued to showcase their resilience and passion for music. They have consistently released high-quality albums and mesmerizing performances that have garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide. Their music has touched the hearts of many, and their energetic stage presence has left a lasting impression on K-pop enthusiasts. Throughout their career, INFINITE has achieved numerous milestones. In 2011, they made their Japanese debut with the single “BTD (Before the Dawn),” marking their expansion into the international music scene. The group’s breakthrough came with their first full-length album, “Over the Top,” released in 2011. The album’s title track, “Be Mine,” not only gained immense popularity but also earned them their first-ever music show win on M Countdown.

INFINITE’s success continued to soar with their subsequent releases. Their third mini album, “Infinitize,” released in 2012, featured the hit song “The Chaser,” which secured the group their first triple crown and was named the number one K-pop song of the year by Billboard. They embarked on their first world tour, “One Great Step,” in 2013, showcasing their talents to fans across the globe. Over the years, INFINITE has proven their versatility through various musical styles and concepts. From heartfelt ballads to energetic dance tracks, they have displayed their ability to captivate listeners with their diverse discography. Each member has brought their unique charm to the group, contributing to their overall dynamic and chemistry on and off the stage.

As INFINITE prepares for their comeback with “13egin,” fans are eager to see what the group has in store for them. The teaser released on July 7 has already generated excitement, hinting at a captivating concept and an album filled with incredible music. With leader Sunggyu setting up INFINITE Company, fans can expect a fresh start and new possibilities for the group’s future endeavors. The announcement of INFINITE’s comeback is undoubtedly a significant moment for both the group and their dedicated fan base, known as Inspirits. After a period of individual activities and personal growth, the members are reuniting to deliver a memorable comeback that will surely leave a lasting impact on the K-pop industry. As the countdown to July 31 begins, fans eagerly anticipate the release of “13egin” and look forward to experiencing the magic that INFINITE never fails to deliver. With their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, INFINITE is ready to once again take the stage and captivate the hearts of fans worldwide.

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