pH-1 and Keita Join Forces in New Digital Single "Metronome"
pH-1 and Keita Join Forces in New Digital Single "Metronome"

pH-1 and Keita Join Forces in New Digital Single “Metronome”

South Korean-American rapper pH-1 and Japanese rapper-songwriter Keita have come together for an exciting collaboration in their latest digital single, “Metronome.” Released on July 5, 2023, the track is already making waves in the K-pop scene. Anticipation for “Metronome” reached its peak when the release date was announced on July 2. Fans eagerly marked their calendars for July 5, ready to experience the musical synergy between pH-1 and Keita.

pH-1, signed under H1GHR Music, has been making a name for himself since his solo debut on October 21, 2016, with the digital single “Wavy.” Drawing inspiration from his Korean and English name, pH-1 has crafted a unique stage name that represents his diverse background. Fun fact: he even named his beloved toy poodle Holly after a character from the popular series Breaking Bad. Prior to his collaboration with Keita, pH-1 captivated audiences as a rap mentor on the talent show “Boys Planet,” where he shared his experiences and encouraged support for the upcoming project boy group, ZEROBASEONE.

Keita, a talented rapper-songwriter hailing from Japan, is a member of the boy group Ciipher under Rain Company. Many K-pop enthusiasts may recognize him from his appearances on reality survival shows such as YG Treasure Box and Boys Planet. Despite finishing in 12th place on Boys Planet, Keita’s star continues to rise. On May 6, pH-1 delighted fans with the announcement of their upcoming collaboration, revealing that Keita would be the “Boys Planet” trainee joining him on the track.

The digital single promises to captivate listeners with its infectious beats and dynamic rap verses. With “Metronome,” pH-1 and Keita showcase their immense talent and artistic chemistry. As the track takes the K-pop world by storm, fans can’t help but wonder what other surprises these two talented artists have in store for the future. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and music from pH-1 and Keita.

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