ZEROBASEONE's Debut Mini Album Marks the Beginning of A Multinational Boy Group's Journey
ZEROBASEONE's Debut Mini Album Marks the Beginning of A Multinational Boy Group's Journey

ZEROBASEONE’s Debut Mini Album Marks the Beginning of A Multinational Boy Group’s Journey

ZEROBASEONE (stylized as ZB1), the highly anticipated multinational project boy group, is set to make their debut on July 10, 2023, with their first mini album titled “Youth in the Shade.” Comprising nine talented members, ZEROBASEONE has been created through the Mnet reality survival show Boys Planet, captivating audiences with their individuality and talent. This debut marks the culmination of their arduous training and represents the beginning of an exciting journey for the group. The members of ZEROBASEONE include Kim Ji Woong, Zhang Hao, Sung Han Bin, Seok Matthew, Kim Tae Rae, Ricky, Kim Gyu Vin, Park Gun Wook, and Han Yu Jin. Each member brings a unique set of skills, personalities, and backgrounds, reflecting the multinational nature of the group. Their diverse talents and shared passion for music have brought them together to embark on this remarkable endeavor.

Back in April 2023, WAKEONE Entertainment announced that ZEROBASEONE had commenced their debut preparations and were targeting a mid-2023 debut. Shortly after, news broke that the group was filming a reality show, generating immense excitement among fans eagerly awaiting their debut. On May 1, ZEROBASEONE revealed their fandom name, ZEROSE, during a live broadcast, establishing a special bond with their supporters even before their official debut. To further heighten the anticipation, on May 14, ZEROBASEONE released the spoiler film titled “Youth in the Shade,” providing fans with a glimpse into the group’s musical style and concept. The film served as a teaser for what is to come, creating a buzz within the K-pop community and solidifying the group’s position as one to watch out for.

As the debut date drew nearer, WAKEONE Entertainment confirmed on May 26 that ZEROBASEONE was diligently preparing for their highly anticipated debut, slated for July. The excitement surrounding the group continued to grow, and fans eagerly awaited the official announcement of their debut album. Finally, on June 7, the news that fans had been eagerly anticipating was revealed: ZEROBASEONE would officially make their debut on July 10 with their first mini album, “Youth in the Shade.” The album is expected to showcase the group’s versatility, vocal prowess, and powerful performances, leaving a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

The name ZEROBASEONE carries a profound meaning for the group. It symbolizes the journey of nine trainees coming together as one cohesive unit after their debut. It represents the hardships they endured during their training period and the growth they experienced as individuals, ultimately culminating in a united front ready to take the K-pop industry by storm. ZEROBASEONE is set to be active for two and a half years under a special contract, which will conclude in January 2026. This gives fans the opportunity to support and witness the group’s growth as they navigate the competitive world of K-pop and establish themselves as prominent figures in the industry. With their debut just around the corner, ZEROBASEONE’s “Youth in the Shade” promises to captivate audiences with its innovative sound, compelling visuals, and the sheer passion and talent of its members.

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