EXO's Highly Anticipated Seventh Full-Length Album Set for Release on July 10, 2023
EXO's Highly Anticipated Seventh Full-Length Album Set for Release on July 10, 2023

EXO’s Highly Anticipated Seventh Full-Length Album Set for Release on July 10, 2023

EXO has set the stage for another exciting comeback with the announcement of their upcoming seventh full-length album, “Exist.” Fans around the world are eagerly anticipating its release on July 10, 2023. Building up the excitement, the group treated their devoted followers to a pre-release track titled “Let Me In” on June 12, further heightening the anticipation for what’s to come. “Exist” marks a significant milestone for EXO as they continue to captivate audiences with their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to their craft. The album promises to deliver a diverse range of musical styles and showcase the group’s evolution as artists. The physical album release of “Exist” boasts an impressive 19 versions, providing fans with a wide array of choices to suit their preferences. These versions include three photobook variations labeled A, B, and C, as well as eight member-specific digipack versions and eight member-specific SMini versions. Each version is expected to feature unique content and collectible items, making it an exciting collectible for fans. The lead pre-release track, “Let Me In,” which dropped on June 12, has already garnered immense attention and praise from fans and critics alike. With a running time of 3 minutes and 17 seconds, the song showcases EXO’s signature sound and captivating vocals. Fans were delighted by the release, and the track quickly gained popularity on various music charts worldwide.

EXO, under the management of SM Entertainment, debuted on April 8, 2012, with their first mini-album, “Mama.” Originally a twelve-member group divided into two sub-units, EXO-K and EXO-M, they promoted in both Korean and Mandarin. Over time, the group transitioned to promote as a unified unit, captivating fans across the globe with their powerful performances, harmonious vocals, and mesmerizing dance routines. The group’s name, EXO, is derived from the term “exoplanet,” referring to planets found outside our Solar System. This name choice perfectly embodies the group’s aspiration to explore uncharted territories, bring their unique charm to the world, and create a lasting impact on the K-pop industry.

Amidst their upcoming album release, EXO faced a significant development on June 1, 2023, when Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen notified SM Entertainment of their intention to terminate their exclusive contracts. However, SM Entertainment quickly reassured fans that the remaining seven members would proceed with their planned activities, including the filming of the music video for the new album. News of the album release broke on June 9, with Joy News 24 reporting EXO’s highly anticipated comeback. Shortly after, SM Entertainment confirmed the news, revealing that “Exist” would be the group’s seventh full-length album. The album’s title, “Exist,” holds intrigue and invites fans to delve deeper into the creative journey EXO has embarked upon with this release. EXO has consistently proved their ability to deliver groundbreaking music and leave a lasting impact on the K-pop industry. As fans eagerly await the release of “Exist” on July 10, the group’s seventh full-length album promises to showcase their artistic growth and continue to solidify their status as global music icons.

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