SHINee Set to Make a Powerful Comeback with "Hard" Their Eighth Full-Length Album
SHINee Set to Make a Powerful Comeback with "Hard" Their Eighth Full-Length Album

SHINee Set to Make a Powerful Comeback with “Hard” Their Eighth Full-Length Album

The K-pop sensation SHINee is preparing to make their highly anticipated comeback with their eighth full-length album, “Hard.” Set to be released on June 26, 2023, the album will feature “Hard” as its title track, promising a captivating musical experience for fans worldwide. The music video for “The Feeling” was pre-released on June 10, 2023, further amplifying the excitement surrounding the upcoming album. “Hard,” is described as a hybrid hip-hop dance genre song infused with various influences such as boom bap, R&B, and 90s hip-hop. The track showcases an intense piano performance complemented by SHINee’s powerful vocals, creating an electrifying synergy. Kenzie, a renowned songwriter, composer, and arranger, crafted the song to perfectly align with the group’s musical identity. The album will be available in seven versions, providing fans with a range of choices to suit their preferences. These versions include the Photobook, Package, SMini, and four member-specific Digipacks, each offering unique content and designs.

Apart from the title track, “Hard,” the album features a diverse array of songs that showcase SHINee’s versatility and talent. “Juice” is a high-tempo hip-hop dance track characterized by energetic rap verses and a strong bass line that leaves a lasting impression. The lyrics express the exhilaration of falling deeply in love and living life with confidence. “Satellite” explores the electronic pop genre, utilizing lyrics that liken a satellite to a situation where one cannot get close to their adversary. The track features a compelling mix of major and minor compositions, creating a distinct atmosphere. With “Like It,” a lively dance pop song, a synth theme accompanies a cheerful beat, while SHINee’s vocal color and falsetto chorus add charm to the track.

SHINee Hard Group Concept Photo
SHINee – Hard Group Concept Photo

“10X” highlights the group’s exceptional vocal harmonies, backed by a captivating piano performance and rhythmic percussion. The lyrics delve into the instinctive feelings one experiences towards another person. “Identity,” an up-tempo dance track, boasts a heavy funk base, rough texture synth pads, and brass sounds. The cool and groovy high-pitched vocals leave a lasting impression, while the lyrics focus on embracing and expressing one’s true identity without reservation. “Gravity,” a mid-tempo R&B song, features a minimalistic track and a melodious tune that tugs at the heartstrings. The lyrics revolve around the act of giving one’s heart to a loved one, beautifully delivered through SHINee’s warm and sweet voices.

In a recent statement released by SM Entertainment on June 9, 2023, it was announced that member Onew would be taking a break from activities due to health reasons and would not be participating in the album promotions. Despite Onew’s absence, SHINee’s unwavering spirit and commitment to their craft are expected to shine through during their promotional activities. SHINee, pronounced “‘shine-ee'” in Korean and シャイニー (Shainī) in Japanese, is a four-member boy group that made their debut under SM Entertainment in 2008. Originally a five-member group with Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, SHINee’s name symbolizes “one who receives light,” combining the word “shine” with the suffix “-ee.” Over the years, they have established themselves as one of the leading forces

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