First Howling: WE Marks &TEAM's Second Mini Album Release
First Howling: WE Marks &TEAM's Second Mini Album Release

First Howling: WE Marks &TEAM’s Second Mini Album Release

Exciting news for K-pop fans as the multinational boy group, &TEAM, gears up for the release of their highly anticipated second mini album, “First Howling: WE.” After the success of their debut album, “First Howling: ME,” the group has been making waves in the industry with their unique talent and diverse lineup. On June 14, 2023, &TEAM unveiled their latest musical offering to the world, with “Firework” as the album’s captivating title track. &TEAM, consisting of nine members from different countries, was formed through the reality show “&AUDITION – The Howling -” and signed under HYBE Labels Japan. The group made their official debut on December 7, 2022, with “First Howling: ME,” establishing a strong fanbase and solidifying their presence in the K-pop scene. “First Howling: WE” boasts a dynamic tracklist that showcases the group’s versatility and musical prowess. Let’s take a closer look at the songs featured in this exciting mini album:

“Firework” – 3:08
As the title track of the album, “Firework” sets the stage for &TEAM’s powerful comeback. The song combines catchy melodies, energetic beats, and impressive vocal performances, creating an explosive and captivating listening experience.

“Road Not Taken” – 3:11
“Road Not Taken” offers a refreshing change of pace with its introspective and reflective lyrics. The members’ harmonious vocals blend seamlessly with the emotive instrumentals, taking listeners on a contemplative journey.

“The Moon Is Beautiful (月が綺麗ですね)” – 3:01
“The Moon Is Beautiful” introduces a dreamy atmosphere with its enchanting melodies. The track showcases &TEAM’s ability to deliver heartfelt ballads while evoking a sense of longing and nostalgia.

“Blind Love” – 3:07
With “Blind Love,” &TEAM brings a fusion of R&B and pop elements to the table. The smooth vocals and captivating rhythm make this track an instant favorite among fans, highlighting the group’s versatility in various genres.

“Firework (Korean ver.)” – 3:08
Presenting a Korean version of their title track, &TEAM ensures that their music reaches a broader audience. The Korean rendition of “Firework” brings the same level of energy and excitement, allowing fans to appreciate the song in their native language.

“Scent Of You (Korean ver.)” – 2:59
Closing the album is the Korean version of “Scent Of You,” a song that captivated fans with its original release. This track combines heartfelt lyrics with soothing melodies, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

&TEAM’s “First Howling: WE” promises to showcase the group’s growth and artistic development since their debut. With a diverse range of tracks that span across various genres and languages, the mini album offers something for every music enthusiast. Fans can anticipate captivating performances, breathtaking visuals, and an overall immersive experience from the talented group.

As &TEAM continues to carve their path in the competitive K-pop industry, their global appeal and unique blend of talents set them apart. With “First Howling: WE,” the group is ready to howl even louder, captivating fans and leaving a lasting impact on the music scene. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a musical journey with &TEAM’s latest mini album release.

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