'OK' Episode 2 : I'm OK (EP) by CIX
'OK' Episode 2 : I'm OK (EP) by CIX

‘OK’ Episode 2 : I’m OK (EP) by CIX

‘OK’ Episode 2 : I’m OK is the sixth EP by CIX. On May 9, 2023, they announced their sixth EP ‘OK’ Episode 2 : I’m OK, set to be released on May 29. It will be released on May 29, 2023 with “Save Me, Kill Me” serving as the album’s title track. The physical album comes in two versions: Save Me and Kill Me. CIX (씨아이엑스; short for Complete In X) is a five-member boy group under C9 Entertainment. They debuted on July 23, 2019 with the EP ‘Hello’ Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger. On August 26, C9 Entertainment announced that the group had signed with Warner Music Japan for CIX’s Japanese music promotions. On October 30, which was their 100th day anniversary, they announced that their fandom name would be called FIX, which stood for “Faith In X”, similar to how CIX is called “Complete In X”.

Track list
“Back to Life” – 3:32
“Save Me, Kill Me” – 3:38
“Curtain Call” – 3:45
“Color” – 3:38